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A continually updated collection of resources to guide and inspire our radical self work and anti-racism journey. 

Recommended reading lists for adults and children, including all our monthly selections. 

Image by The New York Public Library
Image by Unseen Histories

Click here for a list of online anti-racism courses put together by Mashable. 

"Instead of reading the same social justice Instagram graphics over and over again, you could give your time (and money!) to Black educators who have put together online classes covering everything from African history to modern-day anti-racism.

Each of these programs was made by a Black creator or educator, can be completed in the comfort of your home, and involves both historical education and contemporary tools for anti-racism work. (You'll see a lot of content that should be included in school curriculums but isn't normally.) If you've read racial justice books in the past and want to learn more, check out one of these online courses."

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